Tom Blake
Licensed with the State of Arizona Insurance Department
Licensed with State of Arizona Securities Department

Tom Blake is an independent financial analyst with over 9 years experience in helping people achieve their financial goals. Specializing in pre and post retirement planning. Tom’s main focus with his clients is helping them to identify future income needs and helping them to objectively meet those needs through a wide variety of investment vehicles based upon the clients risk tolerance and need to protect principle.

Tom has been part of the ALTA ESTATE SERVICES, LLC team for 7 years and first joined the team after seeing the tremendous benefit and help ALTA was in helping with his own parents’ estate planning needs. Tom recognized that his clients could greatly benefit from what ALTA ESTATE SERVICES, LLC had to offer.

Tom specializes in guaranteed investments, lifetime income products as well as income replacement products and is appointed with companies that are leaders in these areas.

Tom has said “Preservation of principle is always at the forefront of my mind when I sit down with someone in or preparing to enter retirement.  The last thing someone wants to do in retirement is lose their nest egg in a high risk investment, which happens far to often.”

Being an independent agent Tom is not locked into having to offer his clients only a limited number of investment options, but has a wide variety of options at his disposal, thus being able to find what best meets his client’s needs. This enables him to tailor fit an investment to meet a need instead of trying to put the client into an investment that is not right for them because it is all that he has to offer.

Tom enjoys the challenge of designing investment strategies that enable his clients to enjoy their retirement and not have to worry about their future income needs.

Because of Tom’s experience in the financial sector he is a great resource for answers on such important questions as: “How should I properly designate beneficiaries for my investments and life insurance?” “How can I see that my spouse’s, childrens’  and grandchildren’s financial needs are met when I am gone?” “What financial vehicle is best suited for my income needs in retirement?  “What is the best investment for preserving my investment dollars?  These are just some of the questions Tom can help you with as you build your estate plan.