ALTA Estate Services created the Emergency Hotline Telephone Program over 20 years ago.  This program allows ALTA clients, family members and significant related parties to contact ALTA (and/or ALTA contact such related persons) during times of medical and life crisis.  We provide our clients with ALTA Emergency Hotline Program business cards which contains the Emergency Hotline telephone number (888)981-2582.  This allows for coordination of information, forwarding of legal documents such as the Medical/Healthcare Power of Attorney and HIPAA (Healthcare Information Privacy Act Release) to proper authorities such as hospitals and medical professionals, and guidance of necessary actions to be taken by your Alternate/Successor Trustees and Power of Attorneys in order to assure your estate matters is in order.  We call these actions “crisis management” and is part of our Emergency Hotline Telephone Program.

This program is invaluable and provides extreme peace of mind to ALTA clients and family members during times of crisis. Imagine the comfort that you, your family members and significant persons will feel knowing that you and they can reach out to us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on any day and at no charge in order to obtain supporting legal documents and information necessary to administer your medical and financial needs.

You will never appreciate the comfort and peace of mind that you will feel until you actually need and use at no charge this supporting service. The Emergency Hotline Telephone Program is offered to all ALTA clients because we realize how important personal service is above and beyond just the proper documentation preparation.

Part of the Emergency Hotline Program includes the CONFIDENTIAL ESTATE QUESTIONNAIRE, which is used to provide vital personal, medical and financial information to family members, Alternate/Successor Trustees and Power of Attorneys during times of crisis.  See the Confidential Estate Questionnaire sections of this website, download the form, fill in the information for your family members to access when needed.  This document is provided to you at no charge or commitment. Click here to Download Estate Questionnaire

Feel free to call our office at (520) 797-1400 to learn more about the Emergency Telephone Hotline Program and the benefits afforded to you and your family members during times of crisis.